General Meeting

Our next meeting will be

November 3rd.

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Stacy’s Covered Bridge Restaurant

401 E Main St, Cottage Grove

Members of the Cottage Grove Police Department will continue their discussion on emergency communications preparedness.

Our group has voted to help out our community by gathering non-perishable food for Community Sharing. You may bring your donation to either of the November meetings. Lets try to beat last years total donation of 200 pounds!

I will have the ornaments ready (Tree of Joy style) to give to the children of our local military families this Christmas. So far we have 12 families and 18 children to buy for. And that’s just the National Guard! Please plan to attend to pick up your ornament. We’ll have exactly 1 month to purchase and wrap… we will need to have the gifts back for our December 1st meeting.


Cottage Grove 9-12 Project

We welcome all who wish to help change the status quo in Washington. We are not red states and blue states. We are all RED WHITE, and BLUE states.  The government works for us.  If they are not doing their job, we do not care if they are Democrat or Republican.  They CAN and they WILL be replaced. Let us remind Washington that the first and most important line in the Constitution is “We the people…”