General Meeting

Our next meeting will be

March 16th.

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Stacy’s Covered Bridge Restaurant

401 E Main St, Cottage Grove

The guest speaker will be Troy Givens, President and Founder of American Hero Adventures. Their mission is to provide wounded veterans and their families with adventures of a lifetime. To learn more, please go to
We have agreed to put together 26 Easter baskets for Cottage Grove children of military families on the 16th. Be sure to bring your Easter toys and stuff for the baskets tonight. After the meeting we’ll put together the  baskets. We have enough baskets and grass, please bring the Stuff!
Also, if you’d like to become a voting member now is the time to do that. Cost is $5.00 per person per year. There will be applications on the front table.



Cottage Grove 9-12 Project

We welcome all who wish to help change the status quo in Washington. We are not red states and blue states. We are all RED WHITE, and BLUE states.  The government works for us.  If they are not doing their job, we do not care if they are Democrat or Republican.  They CAN and they WILL be replaced. Let us remind Washington that the first and most important line in the Constitution is “We the people…”